TRIL Ghansoli (TATA Realty)

Located in the burgeoning Mumbai suburb of Ghansoli, the 48 acre site is in a high-visibility area surrounded by new commercial developments. The scale of the development at 6 million square feet will have a significant economic, architectural and infrastructural impact on the area with a daytime population of approximately 60,000.

Inspired by the original 7 islands of Mumbai, SAGA organized the development around 7 districts or islands. Each island has a distinct identity, features, materials and purpose.  Incorporating the 15 meter upward slope of the site, the islands are linked by stair-bridges passing through a series of portals that highlight the sequential journey from one end of the site to the other.

The site sits at the bottom of a hill that forms the edge of the wilderness on Mumbai’s periphery. A nearby hiking trail leads to a seasonal waterfall that gives the project its name – Jharana, the Hindi word for waterfall. A waterfall feature is integrated into the architecture of the entry block. The buildings are simple blocks with faceted perforated screens to divert the direct rays of the sun. Floating above the building, the roofs are decorated to mimic kites that fly around the city.

Project: TRIL Ghansoli (TATA Realty)
Location: Ghansoli, Mumbai, India
Usage: Commercial, Mixed Use, Residential
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