LAX Terminal 6

The 2015 renovation of Terminal 6 at LAX created a variety of retail opportunities ranging from small kiosks to larger walk-in stores purveying travel related snacks and accessories. All stores have an LA connection in that they are either LA based brands or a concept associated with an iconic LA institution. Each store was designed with close interaction with the brand.

Taking clues from the corporate colors, the See’s Candies kiosk is inspired by the imagery of a piano. The counter is designed as the keys while the back mimics an upright piano including the music rack. The kiosk is curved to elegantly present itself to customers as they approach.

Sunset News is designed as a vibrant, well stocked newsagent. It is a composition of colors and modeled surfaces aimed at catching the eye of travelers hurrying to their gate. Unique wall and ceiling treatments include wood tile fashioned from recycled skate boards giving the space a truly west coast feel.

M.Fredric brings this high-style LA fashion brand into the center of the terminal. Contemporary fashions traditionally reminiscent of styles found at large department stores are available in this chic, boutique setting, allowing trendsetting customers to shop at the airport and travel in style.

LA Magazine sits at the top of the escalator leading to the gates at the end of the terminal. Horizontal and vertical ribbed wood is employed to create a distinctive supergraphic of the LA Magazine logo. The kiosk is designed so that the display cases can be locked at night.

 Access Hollywood is based on the long running entertainment-focused TV show. The show is broadcast daily in the store and a large monitor on the back wall. The 3D painted MDF walls mimic stage curtains and create a lively contrast with the gloss white merchandise display cases. The brand logo is contained in an LED backlit CNC routed acrylic panel at the front of the store.

Project: T6 Retail
Location: LAX Terminal 6
Client: World Duty Free
Usage: Retail
Project Area: 2,100 sf
Completion Date: 2015
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