Camp Eucalyptus

Camp Eucalyptus is a community building commissioned by the Department of Recreation and Parks in the City of El Segundo, California.  Lined by a grove of Eucalyptus trees, the site links a single family community with the expansive playground of the neighborhood elementary school. The site is an intrinsic part of the community and has long been a gathering place for local Girl Scout troops.

The Project was constructed in 2003 to accommodate weekly meetings for several Girl Scout Troops and a variety of programs for young and old.  In addition to club meetings, Camp Eucalyptus is also the summer home of Girl Scout camp, a week-long retreat to nurture talents, and development of a deeper appreciation for nature.  Ample outdoor space allows for teambuilding games and activities supported by functional indoor space.  

The curving roof of the building permits a high volume space without creating an imposing façade facing the residential street. Floor-to-ceiling windows create a sense of connection between the outdoor and indoor spaces.  The bright and colorful club house provides the perfect atmosphere for developing skills and lifelong friendships.

Project: Camp Eucalyptus
Location: El Segundo, CA
Special Purpose: Parks & Recreation Facility
Project Area: 1,200 sf
Completion Date: 2003
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