426 Main Street

To stimulate vibrancy in the downtown zone, the City of El Segundo enacted planning laws to permit a single residential unit on each parcel of land in addition to the existing 1.0 floor area ratio (FAR) for commercial uses. The law required the residential use to be above the first floor and set back from the street front by 10’.

Working within the narrow confines of the 25’ wide x 130’ deep street-to-alley lot, the design provides a variety of functional commercial space and a spectacular third floor apartment. The Ground Floor is designed as high-ceilinged office space with direct access to the on-grade parking in the rear. A pair of stairs from the front and rear meet at the second floor courtyard that provides access to the upper level units.

The third floor is solely occupied by a 3 bedroom apartment that spans the length of the building. The ceiling of the apartment is a continuous slope upwards from front to back having the effect of expanding the scale of the space. On one end the Master Bedroom opens onto a private deck, and at the other the living room opens to a large entertaining deck perfectly situated to watch the El Segundo fireworks display on the 4th of July.

Project: 426 Main Street
Location: El Segundo, CA
Usage: Mixed
Project Area: 5,200 sf
Completion Date: 2005
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