Interiors: Second City Bistro
El Segundo, CA

Completion Date: 2003
Area: 2,000 square feet

The Second City Bistro, located at the heart of El Segundo, was a complete interior remodel of a restaurant that included the storefront. The design of the restaurant is concerned with cultivating a close relationship between the diners and the chefs, making the dining experience reach beyond the food.

The cooking line of the restaurant is integrated into the floor plan of the dining room, opening up right into the dining space. This adds a level of energy and excitement to the restaurant as the sounds, sights and smells of the kitchen become continuous entertainment for the diners. Floor to ceiling glass doors separate the dining room from the covered street-side patio. In warm weather, the doors are opened completely, allowing the dining room to flow uninterrupted through to the street.

The plaster of the existing walls pre-remodel was removed to reveal the rough brick structural walls, and the original rough-sawn wood roof structure was exposed to promote the wine-cellar aura of the interior.